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Overthinking Until I’m Sick

Honestly, spent weeks and weeks worrying over nothing about potentially having the virus. There was no legitimate reason or cause to my over thinking, as I hadn’t put myself into any risky situations. However my fears were amplified by googling and turning to the internet for advice. The test was super quick and easy to use, and confirmed that my overthinking was a big problem. Thank you so much for a quick and easy test, and for proving my fears were false!

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 Used on 05th June 2018

I spent years overthinking what if... I am engaged and have been with my partner for 7 years all I could think was how I could have the virus and I’ve left it so long. My friend helped me do the test as I was a wreck but I can’t describe the relief now I have had the negative result it’s like a massive grey cloud has been lifted

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