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Oral sex

Had unprotected fellatio from a female escort 4 weeks ago. It was my first ever visit. Worried sick since. Called her few days later but she assured me she is clean. I don’t seem to have any symptoms but still panicking. Help.

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 None on 29th December 2017

Hi Man2Man, many thanks for reassuring me. I did get a blood test for Hiv1 and 2 and P24 at 28 days and it came back as non-reactive (0.17). Such a relief. Would still get another test at 3 month period just to be certain. Stay safe everyone.

 Work on 21st December 2017

I don't think you should worry too much - THT says that getting HIV from oral is rare. But to be sure I would wait for three months and then do a self test - or go to a clinic before that if you can't wait.

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