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Old Worried Guy



I'm convinced I have HIV

I’m convinced I have HIV, I had unprotected sex over a year ago and about 3 weeks later I had the flu including night sweats with chills. I only recently discovered that this was a possible symptom of early HIV infection. Now I’m going out of my mind with worry that i have it and passed it on to a partner or others. I’m really struggling with this to the point I’m ready to end it all. How could I have been so stupid?

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Gary Carpenter, BioSure (UK) Limited
 Work on 15th February 2019

Hi Old Worried Guy I can completely empathise with you, but the situation isn't all bad and there is plenty that you can do. HIV is absolutely treatable and absolutely does not need to be a life defining condition. The chances are that you aren't HIV positive, but your journey from here on needs to start with getting tested for HIV. I would strongly recommend that you contact either your local sexual health clinic, you can find a completely anonymous clinic locator at or you can contact your GP. Help is at hand you just need to access it. Kind regards Gary Carpenter BioSure (UK) Limited

Old worried guy
 Thinking on 15th February 2019

Thanks for reply i have ordered the test and its on its way but i’m scared out of my mind to do the test incase its positive.

PEBL Administration
 Work on 15th February 2019

Hi worried guy - this is PEBL  Administration. Yes - as you will see from other posts, most queries and problems posted on PEBL get replies. We are not HIV experts of any kind, but we think that it would be a very good idea to find out your HIV status by either using a self-test or by going to a clinic for a test. We think it's always best to know, because if you've been unlucky enough to get the virus you could start the treatment as early as possible. Judging by the discussions on this site, the modern medications for HIV are really good. And if you are HIV negative, it'd put your mind at rest. We would not usually answer a PEBL post, but because you sound really upset and worried we thought we'd like to send you a reply along with our wish that everything goes well for you. Keep looking at this page, because we are sure someone with more knowledge than us will reply to you soon. Best regards, PEBL.

Old worried guy
 Thinking on 15th February 2019

Does anyone actually reply on this?

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