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now my anxiety is back

I got tested at home today after a couple of years of being anxious and fearful…I waited 20 minutes (which is the time frame given) and it was negative. I was relieved, I wanted to celebrate and started it off with a nice bath. An hour later, out of excitement, I go to have a look at it again (it was in my bag and probably moving in a bad position) and there appeared to be a messy line which looked like a small blood leak, the line isn’t straight, it’s wiggly and I think it’s blood. But now my anxiety is back and not sure if maybe I should take another. Here is a link of the photo

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Becky Smith, BioSure UK LTD
 Work on 22nd May 2020

Hi Fluffyhash, From the photo provided, I can confirm that this is a negative result. You should never read your result after 1 hour. The blood stain on the test is simply due to the migration of blood and the nature of the test. The negative result at 20 minutes is accurate and as long as this test was taken 12 weeks post any possible exposure, your result is conclusive. Kindest regards, Becky

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