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My Anxiety can Stop

After years and years of contemplating getting a HIV test. I never felt confident going to a GUM clinic in fear I have HIV. (Dr Google is an easy place to convince you any symptom you have is HIV)

Since 2013 I have seen 2 sex workers both on 2 occasions. I only had protected vaginal sex however I gave unprotected cunnilingus. I know this is low risk but I read so many conflicting stories and I was convinced. I am now getting married and I had to get myself tested. I found this so much easier. I still didnt want to open the pack but I felt its now or never. The test was so easy, I followed the guidance and waited, the control line came up so it was working, I was expecting to see the 2nd test line to confirm I am positive due to my anxiety. But it didnt appear, a whole weight lifted off my shoulders. Every cough, every cold I used to put down to HIV. Tonight the first time in so long, I can sleep peacefully. Thank you Biosure !

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