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massive worry

So I had the biosure hiv self test and I have a big concern which is a massive worry.

Other self tests offer a “spill free” membrane. Now I took the test, it said negative and that was a relief, however… The solution and stick started to leak all over my hand and onto the finger with the open wound.

I need to know if the HIV antigens which are present in this test could now have infected me with HIV and why there was no warnings about this sort of thing happening on the leaflet or packaging.


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Gary Carpenter, BioSure (UK) Limited
 Work on 22nd March 2019

Hi Thtguy1155 Thanks for getting in contact with us. I am not sure what a spill free membrane is and the BioSURE HIV Self Test is, if performed correctly and left in tact is designed to be spill-free. Having said all of that there are no active ingredients in the test device and the device does not contain HIV. The test line contains some man-made (synthetic peptides) the replicate some parts of proteins that are found within HIV. So the user of the test cannot possibly catch HIV from the BioSURE HIV Self Test. In fact the buffer solution includes and number of antimicrobial agents to ensure that any blood sample left in the device is effectively disinfected. To reiterate, the user of the test cannot be infected by anything, by using the test. I hope that this puts your mind at ease. Kind regards Gary Carpenter BioSure (UK) Limited

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