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I’ve been working in Italy for a year now and I will be back in UK only in 4/5 months.
Last week I needed to test so I asked for your test (which I used in the past and I’ll use in the future) but unfortunately it is not available here.
The pharmacist has been very kind showing me another autotest from France (VIH test by MYLAN AAZ) that I did (negative) and it looked like yours, even the leaflet was very similar.
She explained me that this test is produced in more countries and they are done according to “one receipt”.
In your opinon can I trust this MYLAN test, do you believe I need to find the way to test for mt last exposure (more than 90 days ago) also with your TEST? (for sure i will do in the future in other occasions).
Thank you,

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Gary Carpenter, BioSure (UK) Limited
 Work on 19th August 2017

Hi Louis My apologies for not replying sooner and thanks for the prompt. Mylan do indeed sell a test which is similar to the BioSURE HIV Self Test, and it should have a very similar level of performance. All BioSURE tests are put through a very stringent release process before being each batch is placed on the market so that we know that our tests meet the most stringent requirements as laid down by the European Medicines Authority. This process includes independent laboratory testing of the device. Obviously I can't vouch for the performance of the Mylan test but given Mylan as a company my opinion would be that the test would be reliable. I hope that answers your question and once again apologies for the slow response. Kind regards Gary Carpenter BioSure (UK) Limited

 Used on 19th August 2017

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