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Anxious 001



Kit safety

I recently took one of your tests after 9 months post exposure and I have gotten myself really worried. I received a negative result which is what I was expecting but what I want to ask is how sterile is your test? And is there a possibility of transmission from both the lancet and the testing tube? I have had sleepless nights and need to be reassured that I cannot catch HIV from your test. I also ordered your Biosure test off of Amazon which shows that your company is the seller- is this true? Need peace of mind that your company is really selling them on Amazon so I can calm my nerves.

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Becky, BioSure UK Ltd
 Work on 15th December 2020

Hi Anxious 001, Our kits are manufactured within a sterile, clean and controlled environment. Each kit is 100% visually inspected during the manufacturing process and any kits that do not meet the product requirements are rejected and not used. The components inside the pouch i.e. the test barrel itself, buffer pot, lancet and plaster are all sterilised before being sealed inside the pouch. The lancet is single use and therefore can only be fired once. The needle enclosed within the lancet plastic cannot be easily tampered with - it is very easy to see whether someone would have tampered with the lancet or test pouch before use. If the pouch is sealed then there should be no reason to worry about efficacy or contamination. Additionally, there are no harmful solutions or anything in or on the test that could cause infection. You cannot catch HIV from using this test. We stock our test on Amazon. These tests are manufactured in our warehouse and are shipped to Amazon in the grey mailing bags. The tests are not exposed to or handled by anyone at Amazon/during transport. As long as you purchased the test via Amazon from BioSure as a trusted seller then the test is reliable. I hope this helps to put your mind at rest. Kindest regards, Becky

Anxious 001
 Used on 07th December 2020

I also want to know if it’s safe to order off of Amazon. I can’t remember what my packaging looked like so I’ve really scared myself. I was able to use the lancet so that could be a sign that my package wasn’t tampered with. Your response would be greatly appreciated

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