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As someone who likes to get tested regularly, having a test done at home with immediate results is ideal. The anxiety of waiting was the reason I picked INSTI HIV Self Test over BioSure HIV Self Test. The kit is easy to use and comes in discreet packaging.

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 Used on 04th May 2017

Thanks for your comment, there are a wide range of choices for how to test for HIV, which is great as it means more and more people are testing and knowing their status. It is worth noting that the BioSURE HIV Self Test has just 3 simple steps and only needs 2.5ul blood (not 50ul as required by the test you describe - NB a typical drop is about 5ul) Because only a tiny amount of blood is needed, the lancet provided with the test is the finest guage available and therefore only makes a very, very small cut. The blood sample does not need to be measured or collected by a capillary pipette as the BioSURE test device collects it automatically. It also does not need any mixing or additional number of steps as there is only one buffer solution and that is pre-measured (unlike the 3 solutions necessary for the test you describe) ultimately end to end running times are at least similar if not better, if that is a primary consideration. It really is as easy as 'Prick, Suck,Poke'!

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