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I'm so scared of going to the GUM clinic

I’m so scared of going to the GUM clinic and getting tested then waiting two weeks for a result and wondering if i missed the call etc and if they have lost my records etc (not unknown in the NHS these days) basically i have really bad anxiety, so i ordered this for next day delivery, i wanted my nan to be there because the thought of finding out i could have HIV by my self was quite scary.
But finally got the guts to do it and happy with the result.

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 Used on 02nd February 2017

Thank you for your story. Despite HIV being a treatable condition, it is really important that before testing people think about how they will feel when they get their result and whether they would like to be on their own or have someone with them. It's marvellous you had your nan with you and have allieviated your anxiety about testing. Thanks again

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