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I wasn't looking forward to doing the test

The self-test kit arrived quickly (I think only a couple of days after I filled-out the online order form). I wasn’t looking forward to doing the test, as I wasn’t sure how I would be able to pierce myself to get the blood! But, the kit was very easy to use, and the actual piercing was nothing, really. I am still planning to visit a walk-in clinic this week – a friend suggested that it would be better to do so, just so that I could also be tested for other stuff (i.e. Hepa, chlamydia, etc). If I’m going to be honest, I don’t have 100% confidence on how accurate a self-test kit would be, and therefore (in my head) going to a clinic would be better. But this is definitely very helpful, and reaches out to people who might be afraid/reluctant to go to clinics. I’ve made a donation to cover the costs, so if others could do the same, I would encourage them!

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Gary Carpenter, BioSure (UK)
 Work on 06th July 2016

Dear Rojver Thanks for your feedback and especially for the donation, that will definitely help someone else to test. With regard to the accuracy, as long as the test is performed correctly - i.e. you got the control line to come up - then I can assure you, that this test is as accurate as a point-of-care rapid test provided in GUM clinics in the UK. The test has undergone rigorous independent assessment - CE and World Health Organisation amongst them - and passed with flying colours. In fact, the test is very similar in biochemistry and, therefore, performance, to the tests provided at the most well known NHS Clinics in central London. Self testing for HIV isn't for everyone, but not because of any failing in terms of accuracy. GUM clinics are the only place that you can get a full sexual health screen, which we should probably all have regularly, but for interim testing the BioSure HIV Self Test really does offer an accurate, convenient alternative. Again most of us don't test regularly enough. Let's be honest, us men are traditionally pretty useless at voluntary engagement with any form of health care! Once again thanks for your feedback and support. Increasing testing is the only way to beat HIV. Kind regards Gary Carpenter BioSure (UK) Limited

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