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I was exposed - started PEP the next day

Good day I was exposed on the 7th of August 2021, started acriptega pep the next day (at this time i did not know the other person status). My exposure was due to an expired condom which broke and i realised a bit late in the act and I am not circumcised. During the course of pep we decided to test as the effects were unbearable so we went after the first week to do a test together. Mine was negative and hers positive. I finished my 28days (no further exposures) and tested with hiv1/2 test card at the doctor and it was negative. The first test was on the 6th of September. I did my second test Oraquick at a local clinic on the 13th of September and it was negative. On the 20th of September i did a 4th generation Elisa test and the result was non-reactive. 17 October i did Biosure home test and it’s negative. I am person suffering from wisdom teeth that still need them to be removed so every now and then my neck feels funny and i panic. Can i rely on my test or continue testing until 6 months?

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