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I was convinced

Started off with a recent random swollen lymph node in my chest. It was really odd and painful and a quick Google search later I found this was a further potential symptom of HIV. I then started to panic- thinking about my history.. I remembered a time few years back where I was probably a bit reckless with the ladies (hetro male) and then started to connect the dots : close to that time I had developed a random rash on my arm , had a bad cough , used to have night sweats, I often have diareah and heartburn , always get colds, when bruise it takes long to heal and suffer from mouth ulcers often. This revelation had me totally convinced . I spent three days without sleep or food I was so anxious . I now have a family and had no idea how I was going to test and tell them! I then found biosure website and thought this is the only way . Ordered the test to work, came very discreet. Did the test in a car park after work, hands shaking with fear . Test came back negative. I couldn’t believe it – how could it be right with all my symptoms ? I then started googling false negative statistics (very low) and convinced myself that must be the reason. So I ordered another one and went straight to the hospital to get a full STD test. I had to be sure …. 2nd biosure came out negative and just found out so did my hospital test. This test was so easy to use and gave me the confidence to act. I have learnt so much about this condition and have now decided to help in any way I can. The main lesson I have taken away from all this is DO NOT GOOGLE – it totally convinced me of something not true. Good luck all

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