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I was an immature idiot, living my life in fear and denial

I was an immature idiot, living my life in fear and denial. Fear that I had it and ‘I’d deal with it if I started getting symptoms’ yet fear that at some point in the future my life would be ruined my past lifestyles.

This test put that all to rest and made me look forward.

Privacy in your own home via a simple test, I felt even if it ended up showing positive that I could take steps to do something about it.

Don’t delay, this test has allowed me to move forward and the weight that was on my shoulders has now gone!

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Lana F
 Used on 20th November 2015

A few years ago I made some bad decisions and had unprotected heterosexual sex with a number of men in casual one night stands knowing they were highly promiscuous. Since then I have worried myself sick about HIV but too worried to go and be tested for fear of being seen by someone I know. In the aftermath of the Charlie Sheen coverage I heard about the Biosure self test and ordered one. It came the next day, was simple to use - taking the test was nerve-wracking .... A hundred "what-if's" running through my mind. I am one of the lucky ones - the test was negative. The relief was overwhelming. My advice to anyone who is worried is to take it without delay. Money well spent and whatever the outcome ....better to know. Good luck

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