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I did something stupid

I did something stupid and had sex with a trans woman (with penis) sex worker when I was drunk. I was doing insertive only. It was mostly protected but they put it inside for 5 seconds unprotected and then I took it out and put another condom on which slipped slightly but stayed on. They also performed unprotected oral on me.
I have done a biosure hiv test after 34 days, negative. I also did a lab test after 27 days so I guess it’s 4th gen, also negative. I have another lab blood test due next week and then one to confirm after 3 months. I really hope I’m negative. I have had symptoms such as a throat infection for 1 day, lack of sleep, slight night sweats, potential small hand wart, slight pulsing but not swollen glands, a cold, nausea, loss in appetite, acid reflux, difficulty concentrating, weight loss (maybe from loss of appetite). I’ve read that it could just be anxiety/stress but I’m not convinced. Thanks in advance

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Becky, BioSure UK Ltd
 Work on 28th April 2021

Hi there, There is of course a risk of transmission of HIV when having unprotected sex. Unprotected oral sex is low risk but the fact that you had unprotected penetrative sex could be a risk factor. Even if the penetrative unprotected sex was for only a few seconds, this also does not rule out the chance of transmission but this is not to say that transmission occurred - most sex workers test regularly and are aware of their status. The symptoms you have described are similar to those usually experienced during the seroconversion period for HIV. However, they could also be due to stress. I know it is tedious and worrying to have to wait to test again, but the only way to know your status is to test. The fact of the matter is, that HIV is now treatable. If diagnosed early on, a HIV positive individual can now live a normal, healthy life (if on treatment). Ultimately it is better that you know your status and being aware of your status allows you to make informed choices in the future. I really hope I have not worried you more. Your negative results, although performed inside of the window period, are good indications of your status but just be sure to retest at 12 weeks or 4 weeks depending on the generation of the test used. Thank you, if you need me to explain anything in more detail please let me know. Kindest regards, Becky

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