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Panicked Mum



I am worried sick

I had sex with a Cypriot man on holiday used a condom but it came off completely inside me I pulled it out and could see sperm inside it (sorry for the description) I took a morning after pill , in case.
3 days later I had a Head ache for 2 weeks followed by sore throat and swollen glands in neck for 5 or 6 days. I then got a itchy rash on my face and a few spots on neck and some small Ulcers on back of gums (I also quit smoking 4 weeks ago but did not have symptoms like This when I quit before ) I know I shouldn’t have but I tested at 2 weeks and then 27days – results negative. I am now very achy and head aches are back with a blocked ear appearing at night and a sore patch behind my ear . I am petrified and feel myself constantly on Google.

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