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Huge mistake now suffering from it

I made a huge mistake, got drunk on a night out some time ago CANT remember exactly what I happened think I saw a female sex worker unsure if had unprotected sex. Anyhow took a biosure 3 months after this which showed a negative result. Due to the risky encounter do I need to go to a gum clinic or a NHS site for their test or is the biosure result 100% accurate and I don’t have hiv from this?

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Becky, BioSure UK Ltd
 Work on 26th April 2021

Hi Daz, A negative result using the BioSURE HIV Self Test is conclusive from 12 weeks (84 days). So as long as your last possible exposure was over 12 weeks ago, your negative result is reliable and conclusive which means you do not need to retest. Of course, if it would help to put your mind at rest you are welcome to also get a test done at a clinic but it is not necessary and sometimes testing further can only prolong your stress and anxiety. I would try to accept your result and try to move on from this. If you were to have been infected 3 months ago, antibodies would be present in your blood and the test would have been able to detect infection. I hope this helps to put your mind at rest. Kindest regards, Becky

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