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HIV test after 7weeks...

Bit worried but need some help! Had an unfortunate incident where I was rimmed by a guy who I now know meets a lot of men…
After the incident I became concerned so decided to check and had a full STD check including HIV/syphilis at 3 weeks and a few days..Came back negative. But at 5 and a bit week’s I did another HIV/syphilis test at a GUM clinic after I started to feel a tad unwell. That was negative But at 6 weeks I started to have flu like symptoms and weakness that has continued to this day…
So….I took one of your bio sure HIV tests at 7 weeks and 3days…That was negative. My big question is would after having two full blood tests from a GUM clinic (both 4th generation tests) and now your rapid test…if I was having seroconversion symptoms would your test have picked anything up? I’m aware that most people will get picked up at 4weeks and some earlier! Especially with the 4th generation test… So where do I stand with your test in your opinion after two other tests? Please help because this may not only affect me in the future. Kind regards.

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Gary Carpenter, BioSure (UK) Limited
 Work on 13th August 2018

Hi Mr Minion Thanks for getting in touch with BioSure. At 7 weeks approximately 95% of people will have seroconverted, i.e. will have created the antibodies that the BioSURE HIV Self Test looks for. For those people who are newly infected with HIV, the symptoms they feel are associated with the production of these antibodies. So given that you have had a number of negative test results, the most recent after the onset of some possible symptoms of seroconversion, this makes your negative test results even more reliable. However, to be absolutely certain of your negative HIV status you should look to test again around 12 weeks after the incident in question. I hope that this helps to answer your question. Kind regards Gary Carpenter BioSure (UK) Limited

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