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Hiv symptoms and negative test result at 34 days

Hi, I undertook a bio sure test at 34 days which came back negative however, I’m worrying about the result as I have been feeling very ill.

Incident was protected vaginal sex with a female and receiving oral without.

I had been feeling ill for a couple weeks before the test, constant headaches, lose bowls, tight chest and a dry cough, swollen lymph nodes in my arm pits and under neck, sore throat and stiff neck, white coated tongue.

Really worried about Hiv would the test I took give a good indication that I’m negative and if the symptoms I had where because if hiv would the test not have been positive?

Thanks in advance.

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Francesca Bard, BioSure (UK) Ltd
 Work on 28th October 2019

Hi Advice please, I would like to start by saying that the incident you have described is extremely low risk. In regards to your BioSURE result, it is difficult to say with the exposure being so close however if the symptoms you are describing are a cause of HIV then 7 days after they appear you would receive a positive result. I would recommend visiting your GP or going to a GUM clinic as they will be able to diagnose you and a GUM clinic would be able to use a 4th generation HIV test. I hope this helps however please don't hesitate to contact me further. Kindest regards Francesca Bard, BioSure (UK) Ltd

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