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So fantastically simple to do! I cannot stress how anxious you can get having to go to a doctor or clinic and seeing someone in person, you do this at home in your own time. No fear of looks from anyone. I have completed tests at home before and you then wait ages (and worry the whole time) for the results. This is within 15 minutes. The pack is easy to use. The results are easy to read. I will definitely consider this again. Thank you.

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 Used on 29th April 2015

This is a stress reliever. Forgotten which news site I read about it on, but ordered it by 12pm on a Monday and received the pack the following day. The guide is very helpful in big, easily readable letters and diagrams to see you through the test. Done in 25 minutes total, which was great. They do remind you within the pack that HIV is a treatable disease, and not a life sentence - best to get tested for both peace of mind and the assurance of not infecting your loved ones.

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