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HIV risk symptoms?

On the 23rd of the year I was having sex with a sex worker about 5 minutes. I did not have a condom. After 5 days I started to suspect for HIV and I asked on the internet for symptoms.  I had sore throat and muscle after 5 weeks of fever and pain in the armpit and neck near lymphatic gland. The sore throat continues from 2 days then wound and goes on again. I would like to know your opinion. Also the case happened in Kosovo where the HIV has a per cent of the infected people of 100.1 percent about 100 animals are infected. Please give the answer and which test to carry out.

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 Thinking on 28th February 2018

On December 22 I was involved in a sexual sex work of sex for about 5 minutes. I did not use a condom.  After a week I had muscle pain and sore throat pain. After 4 weeks neck pain and armpits.  Please give me a response -  I'm so frightened as to risk from this relationship.I am from Kosovo the percentage of HIV is 0.001 per cent.

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