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HIV home testing

I am a sexually active gay man and have had some unprotected sex. I worried for some time about my HIV status but, despite having attended a GUM clinic in the past, I kept putting off going back for another HIV test. I think the reason was that although the clinic had been very good and non-judgemental I still have a real embarrassment about actually going and interacting with other people. I watched a programme about HIV on television last week which informed me that you can now get a home kit to self test your HIV status. I sent off for one (less than £30). It arrived discreetly after only 2 days. The instructions were clear and the test was simple to administer. I was quite prepared to go to my GUM clinic if I was positive – in the event I am negative (although I need to re-test periodically). My result is not the point however, the privacy and convenience of testing at home is fantastic. This needs to be advertised more widely as I would not have known about if I had not seen the TV programme.

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