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Sore finger



I test regular to be safe

What a great idea. I ordered and the test came really quickly. I test regular to be safe however I’m an absolute mess waiting for the results from the gum clinic which is generally a minimum of 5 days. I can’t function until the results come back. Although I’m always safe it’s always best to check as you never know right? I got home from work, took the test, hey presto only 15 minutes of sweatiness and the result was in, negative. I highly recommend this test to anyone and everyone , it’s quick and easy although the pin is a bit sharp and I bled for a while so watch out ha. Although it was worth the peace of mind. As this test is given and delivered to us free of charge I just had to make a donation to support the charity to help others get the same test as I have had so maybe you should also.

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