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Let me tell you my story, I’m going to go into depth about my symptoms too. Just so other people like me, can feel a bit more relaxed. 2011, my first boyfriend and I split up. I slept with 2 others between him coming home from uni and using me at his disposal… 2 weeks after 2 separate encounters. I had what I can only describe as the worst flu of my life… thought nothing of it, I caught Chlamydia off my ex, got treated. Flash forward 9 years, in a happy relationship of 6 years, the 3 years between, well I was a young, uneducated girl at university, I was wreckless… tested for the gonorrhoea, chlamydia etc but never HIV… now this is where it gets to you. Recurring water infections, recurring thrush, Bv, tense neck, convinced my lymph nodes are swollen, irregular periods, a rash that came and went, my nails have lines on, shooting pains all over my body, tinnitus, my stools are NOT right (I will follow with Dr but at least its not HIV!) – Google is the enemy, I had CONVINCED myself I was positive. CONVINCED.

I have never felt such a relief in my life. Whatever is wrong with me. It’s not HIV which effectively would have been AIDS at this stage with those symptoms. Best £60 i ever spent.

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Becky, BioSure UK Ltd
 Work on 12th October 2020

Hi AnxiousAllen, Thank you for sharing your story. Google is never great for self diagnosis. You should always speak to your GP or doctor about any symptoms you may be experiencing. Thank you again. Becky

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