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Great! The test kit arrived really quickly

Great! The test kit arrived really quickly and was perfect for discreet use and peace of mind.

My only thought would be that as lovely as all the packaging was, it seems a little wasteful, particularly if you were testing yourself regularly. I appreciate that the contents need to stay safe in shipping and you need a solid surface to stand the test up in, but the materials used seemed very fancy for something that is essentially a disposable test.

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Great! The test kit arrived really quickly
 on 24th May 2015

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 Work on 31st May 2015

Thanks for the feedback. Just to quickly let you know that all of the packaging forms part of the CE marking. The white box has to be strong enough to go through the postal system several times and we were mindful that we didn't want to despatch it in an additional box so it could still fit through a letterbox. As you mentioned, it also needs to be able to keep the test upright while it runs and secure whilst reading the results. The How to Use and Results reading booklets have to carry lots of information in a simple way in both words and pictures to make sure everyone can use. We have tried to be as responsible as possible with our choice of materials and all of the packaging is manufactured in the UK.

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