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I Generally go about once every 3 years to get tested but now a home test is available and is very convienient i have tested twice in 12 months, I think this is the way forward to many others who are worried about going to the clinic, I strongly reccomend you buy one if you have not been tested recently.

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 Used on 29th June 2016

The ability to self test at home has given me the confidence to have my first test. Knowing how easy it is will certainly make me now test on a regular basis.

 Used on 07th June 2016

I chose to take a HIV test as I have had unprotected sex in the past. It's something that has always played on my mind but I've always been too scared to go and get tested. The home testing kit was easy to use. As long as you read the instructions and understand them then you can't go wrong. Home testing is a lot more convenient if you work full/time! Would really recommend the test. It's much better to know your HIV status. I was negative. Good luck :-)

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