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Gay man using HIV Self Test for the first time

I go regularly to the GUM clinic but this can be a hassle. They all seem to do ‘walk-in’ style now rather than appointment time slots, which doesn’t necessarily work very well when you have to be at work at a certain time etc.
I will continue to go to the GUM clinic to get tested for ALL STIs, as other infections are not available as self tests yet.
The last time I tried to go to the GUM clinic they were so busy they shut hours before they should to stop people queuing and wasting their time.
The self test is ridiculously easy to use and offers discreet and reassuring results very quickly. It was delivered quickly and discreetly and is also easy to dispose of.
If you are at all worried and have concerns always go to a GUM clinic as they are very supportive there but it is reassuring you can test at home if you cannot easily get to a clinic regularly.

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Applied for a free test from THT. Was delivered within 24-48 hours of applying for it. Test is easy to complete with clear and concise instructions. Test is fairy painless, small lancet to prick your finger. The rest is just waiting for the test to complete. Easy to read result and most of the packaging is recyclable.
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Gay man using HIV Self Test for the first time
 on 25th March 2016

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