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First time HIV self test

A couple of years back I have done one HIV test at STD clinics before. About 7 month ago I exposed myself for STD infections. I was worried that I had got HIV and start searching on all symptoms on the Internet. I felt I had all symptoms for a HIV pre-infection. My heart rushed and I got dizzy. I was terrified to go to the clinic again and test. A month ago I found out of BioSURE HIV Self test on the Internet. I’m living outside UK and I was not sure I could order a kit. Anyway I placed the order and a couple of days later it arrived. Today I have done the test and I was negative. The relief I feel is indescribable. It was easy to use. Only thing I could have done is that i should have had a trustable person with me when doing the test. Now I was negative, but if it turns out positive I think it is good to have someone who you trust nearby to share the emotions with. I’ll for sure use this kit again and also recommend to people I know if they feel worried of getting HIV.

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