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Feelings about the Biosure HIV test

I have tested at GUM clinics in the past, done postal testing (buying a kit and mailing a blood sample for testing with an online response) and have this evening used a BioSURE test for the first time.

The test was easy to use, the instructions were clear and the postal delivery was quick. I was able to use the test at a time that suited me. Although it takes an amount of bravery to test whatever method you choose, using BioSURE meant I had a result within fifteen minutes, which was much easier than the fortnight of waiting when I first started testing at GUM clinics.

I cannot recommend enough the BioSURE test as a quick, easy way of finding out your status.

If you read this and have not visited a clinic it is nowhere near as bad as you might think! The people are invariably nice and supportive and what you tell them will not be new to them. There are a thousand reasons for going next week rather than today but you should go today and get tested. There are several NHS, THT and other websites that explain the benefits of early diagnosis and early treatment.


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