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Feedback and using the lancet

I am someone who hates drawing blood and is pain-sensitive (feeling faint at just the thought of using the lancet) and find safety lancets penetrate further than they need to (I definitely didn’t need to squeeze to create a droplet as my finger was flowing for a couple of seconds). I found the advice diabetics give was very helpful: to take the sample from the side of your finger (less nerves and not on the pad).

Reading the small print after, I can see you give the same advice – could the large text point this out? Also noticed a couple of missing commas under Warnings & Precautions (buffer solution comes into contact with your eye wash with…)

Only at 15 minutes did I realise I hadn’t pushed the tube fully down as it wouldn’t sit in the holder (but the test had activated and was running) so I guess it would be nicer if it was a bit clearer on the tube that it was fully in?

Immediate feedback in privacy is awesome, well worth the cost.

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