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I want to start a family with my girlfriend but anxiety over past potential exposure is worrying me. I experimented with men when I was younger and have been riddled with guilt since. Exposure was in 2013, no exposure since this time . I used the biosure hiv test in 2015 and 2017. My memory is hazy of my 2015 result but I believe it was negative (I’m sure I would have remembered seeing a test line!). My 2017 test was negative. I took a picture of it and the background is white on the test strip and there’s clearly only one line. I had no exposure Between the two tests so they would bound to be the same result. I’m just anxious and all sorts is running through my mind, lots of what ifs? Mainly the time, I’m worried IF for some reason i didn’t let it run the whole recommended 15 minutes. I’ve read lots of posts and advice has been that the tests can be read sooner than this but it’s recommended to wait so the strip clears. I know my test strip was white and clear so I’m hoping that tells me it is a conclusive negative result as the control line appeared only? If there was a time issue it would be a minute or two. I certainly would have waited the vast majority. I’m also thinking that if I was positive, with such a long time after exposure that test line would definitely be visible and apparent within that time for sure and certainly apparent in the white test strip? I’m sure manufacturers would build the test so that it comes up sooner rather than later of the test time but to the user have a max time just to be sure. I really want to put this behind me and start a family but I’m just so worried. Probably worrying over nothing! Please help. Please

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Becky, BioSure UK Ltd
 Work on 27th August 2020

Hi Getting closure, Although HIV is more common amongst men who have sex with men, having sex with a man does not mean that you will contract HIV. Yes although the correct read time is 15 minutes and not after 1 hour, your result can appear before this time. As long as the test strip is clear and your result is easy to read - i.e. there is only the single control line then your result is negative. And yes, given your time since exposure if you were to be HIV positive it is likely that the test line would be very strong and visible as the level of antibodies in the blood would be very high. Your two negative test results are definitely negative and conclusive - you do not need to retest. I would recommend to try and put this behind you. I hope this information helps. Kindest regards, Becky

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