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If a person had symptoms that are likened to HIV seroconversion, so oral thrush, and a rash in the groin, would a BioSure rapid test be worthwhile after only 9 to 10 from potential infection? I am working on the assumption that if these symptoms are present then there would be enough anti-bodies to ensure the test was accurate?

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 Work on 09th April 2019

Hi QuestionUK. Your assumption is correct - if the symptoms are related to HIV and are a cause of seroconversion (which we cannot say these symptoms are) then 7 days after the symptoms appeared you will receive a positive result. A positive result can always be relied on as this means the test has detected the antibodies for HIV, however a negative result can only be classed as a conclusive result 12 weeks post possible exposure due to late seroconversion. I hope this makes sense. Kindest regards Francesca Bard, BioSure (UK) Ltd

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