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Can I trust these?

After 10 days HIV RNA PCR test not detected. After 32 days  HIV test with CMIA method non reactive. After 85 days HIV antibody test with CMIA method non reactive. Can I trust these?

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 Used on 05th June 2019

A node/sist existing since 90 days infront of the ear a bean size it is related to the HIV/any STD? only one node/ cyst other wise no symptoms.

 Used on 04th June 2019

Hi Suri, yes you can trust your results, assuming you had these tests performed professionally. CMIA tests look for HIV antigens as well as HIV antibodies, so should they be in your blood they would have been detectable by now. We hope that helps put your mind at rest. Team BioSure

 Work on 03rd June 2019

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