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Biosure test I believe to be extremely accurate


On December the 18th 2019 i had a Heterosexual exposure. I started testing from the 03rd Feb 2020. Ive had repeated sexual health screens tests (HIV, syphilis, Hep B and C) at 6 weeks after exposure which were negative. I had HIV 5th generation tests at 8 and 11 weeks as well as Biosure tests after exposure and both remained negative. During this time I was symptomatic. My doctor at this time told me that I was suffering with severe anxiety but I knew something was wrong. I continued HIV testing with home collection samples from weeks twelve and on week 14 I took a Biosure test and after 40 minutes I noticed a very weak pink positive line. I then done more home collection samples from week 14 which remained negative. I went to have a full screen with my GP on week 17 for HIV, all hepatitis, mono and EBV with only EBV coming back as positive for a past infection so nothing to worry about. Now I was still symptomatic, dry skin, dizziness, loss of consciousness whilst running, severe Bleeding from my back passage, yellowing of the eyes and noticeable changes in my finger nails So at week 20 I went to the A&E which ran a serious of CBC blood tests and all come back normal. With guidance from my GP I started counselling for 6 weeks to try and persuade me I hadn’t caught anything. I continued testing up until 34 weeks for hepatitis, HIV, syphilis and so on which was negative. That was two weeks ago which since then I experienced a swollen lymph node under my chin and severe headaches. I went to the hospital recently and when they ran some blood tests they noticed that one of my ALT liver enzymes was slightly high. My councillor and the GUM clinic clinicians told me not to do any more tests because they assured me I didn’t have anything. I also refrained from sexual activities from December 31st 2019 Up until now and which they assured me that I do not need to worry about it. I have gone against their advice and done a test for everything with a high street chemist and I expect the test back in a day or two. I continued to persist in this matter because of that result given to me on the Biosure test at week 14 and once these current tests prove that I have indeed caught something it will then prove conclusively that the Biosure test is more accurate than laboratory tests. I think the test being offered on the high street in Chemists is critically important for the majority of people who find it difficult going to see their GP or a GUM clinic. No test whether it being a Biosure test or laboratory test is clinically proven to give a 100% conclusive result and that’s life but with the high accuracy of the Biosure tests I firmly believe it’s saved more lives in being made available to the public.


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 Used on 04th September 2020

Hello M, I can understand how the timing of the chickenpox a few weeks after an exposure have you thinking its HIV. I have read that shingles is contagious in the blistering phase. Classic ARS symptoms are: Bodyrash, fever, unwanted weightloss, ( many kilos). Soar throat, night sweats, trush, etc. The fact that your 4th generation test was negative at 6 weeks, meaning, no antigens were found is what I take as evidence that you didn't catch HIV. You have taken many antibody tests, including home tests. They are all negative. The only test I would rely upon is the 6 weeks antigen test. Delayed seroconversion does exist, but none want to talk about it. They all insist its 3 months window period. 3 months window period is only valid if you have taken a 4th generation test and tested at 4-6 weeks and for a conclusive result at 13 weeks. Thats it. Regarding only antibody testing... all bodies are different and produce antibodies at a different rate. I have also read of people who develop antibodies after 3 years and more... its terrifying. But these new tests the antigen test at 6 weeks is what counts these days. Good that your latest Biosure was negative. I am from Scandinavia, ( Woman) and here the Docs say that 6 weeks lab test is absolutely conclusive. Because they check for the antigens. Antibodies can take a long time to develop. Its good that you got more lab tests this week, too ease your mind. I only suggested an RNA test because if you did have HIV, there would be a viral load, in most cases. This is what people who have HIV do every 3 months.... draw blood to check on CD4 count and RNA test for viral load. My story is: I was sexually assaulted October 2017. 3 weeks after the incident I developed a severe soar throat, fever that lasted for weeks, severe rash on my chest, weightloss of 9 kilo, and trush and myalgia. I was super sick and after 6 weeks I went to the emergency room. They took a lot of blood tests. But not HIV. ( I didn't know about the 4th generation test that detects antigens in the early stage.) What a mistake that I didn't take a 4th generation test at 6 weeks. I know nothing of HIV in regards to resting etc. (Have been tested many years ago, and in longterm relationship so no need to test again). Anyway, I went to have a rapid test at 7 and 8 weeks. The HIV center said you don't have HIV. I got sicker an sicker and end up going to the emergency room 5 times in 4 months. Half my hair fell out.... never really grew back thick again. Fever for months and got so skinny. My gums in my mouth started to show signs off illness and I had trush, confirmed by doctor. ( I never had teeth problems until now) My body was not functioning. I weight 49 kilo at my lowest point. ( Normal weight for me 58 kg) My doctor thought I had cancer and sent me to hospital to check for that. No Cancer. I have since had many 4h generation tests and all negative. No other diseases, Neg Hep, B, Hep, C, Syphilis etc. The hospital refused to give me an RNA test, so I went to another hospital and begged them and said I would pay out of pocket. ( Healthcare is free in my country) My RNA test came back <40 copies Negative. I was told there was no viral load. So, doctors now assured me I simply don't have HIV. But, I am still very sick. I have not been able to return to work and have been bedridden for 3 years now after this incident. I found out that the guy who assaulted me was a drug user, So I am 100% convinced I have HIV, but all tests are negative for the antibody. I have taken 23 hiv tests in 3 years. I took 2 Biosure tests, also negative, But, on the second Biosure test after 1 hour or so, a very faint line on the test area appeared. Wasn't sure if it was a white strip or a faint pink one. That freaked me out totally! Doctors want me to take antidepressants and anxiety pills and I have been in therapy because of this. They all insist I don't have HIV, but I still believe I do, because I am still very sick. I am taking a lab test at the hospital in October and will follow up with another Biosure test. There is another rapid test you can try called INSTI. Very good hiv home test. I know for a fact that people can take years to develop antibodies. I have read about many patients testing negative for years, only to test positive when they are really sick in hospital due to pneumonia or other opportunistic infection with low CD4 count. I have asked the hospital to check my CD4 count but they refuse to help me anymore. These days, all we need is 2 tests. One lab test at 6 weeks and one at 13 weeks. = 3 months conclusive. If no antigens were found in your 6 week test, I am pretty sure your negative. If an RNA test is negative ontop of your negative antigen test... then Im 100% you don't have HIV. This has been the scariest time of my life.. and I am sure you agree. HIV is terrifying. A very serious illness. My testing is not over.....I don't know about you.... Hope your tests from the lab comes back negative this week. Fingers crossed. Sorry for the long post. Take care and feel better. Sincerely A.

 Used on 02nd September 2020

Hi A, my symptoms started on the 27th Jan 2020. I came down with chicken pox and my doctors put it down to the fact that my colleague in work had shingles. I’ve never believed that and I started testing from the 03rd Feb. Since then I’ve had two sexual health screens at 6 and 16 weeks. I also had veinous HIV 5th generation tests on weeks 8 and 11. In between all these weeks I was also doing home sampling tests up until 25 weeks. I then done another home sampling test for for everything including syphilis and all hepatitis. It’s strange that you say an RNA test because I said this to two doctors, one being a sexual health clinician and they both told me that I don’t need it because it would only shorten the window by a week. SH24 who is the U.K. sexual testing body has refused to do anymore tests for me even know I pay for them and telling me that I have not got anything. I sent a home test sample to Superdrug last week and my syphilis, hepatitis b and c is negative again but they said I did not provide enough serum for my HIV test which obviously caused me to think that they’re was another agenda with the lab and I don’t believe them that they didn’t find anything the first time. Still I done the test again and sent the sample to lab this week. Thank you for your kind words. I’ve always just wanted to take responsibility for the mistake that happened. I can’t change it and I have to live with that so hopefully I get told what I need very soon. The only reasons I can think why HIV hasn’t shown yet is because at 5 weeks my doctor prescribed me with 5 days worth of Aciclovir to treat the so called chickenpox and I’ve read journals dating back to 2000 that it can suppress HIV infection. I think this is the reason why a test could not detect anything for this long. My doctors have tried to put me on anti depressants, sent me for counselling but I know I have something and Aslong as I keep testing them I can find it and then take responsibility for my actions. I do hope your feeling better now and any problems you’ve had in the past have improved. Also just to add that I took another Biosure test yesterday and it was negative after 1 hour. Thanks M

 Used on 29th August 2020

Hi M 2020, Im very sorry your having all these symptoms and feeling sick. How scary. ( I can relate, I have a similar story) When did your symptoms start? After 2-3 weeks? Did you have fever, soar throat, weightloss, body rash, thrush, etc? Classic signs if acute HIV infection? A 4th generation test you took at 6 weeks is considered conclusive. It looks for antigen and antibodies. The antigens can be detected up to 7-8 weeks and then drops off. If your antigen was negative at 6 week, and antibodies at 34 weeks you can not have HIV. Im so sorry your having health problems. I would trust a 4th generation lab test over a Biosure rapid test. Lab tests are much more reliable. If your truly worried you have caught HIV and have not yet developed antibodies, go to the Hospital or a Lab and ask for an RNA test to check for a viral load. I hope you recover soon and find answers to your health issues. Sincerely, A

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