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Anxiety and education

For those who know the unfortunate grasps of anxiety, this kit is a such a great invention. I applaud you massively inventors! I would also like to interject that I think the risks of attaining HIV and what it would mean to get it need to be taught more in places such as unis, work places and the media, rather than mainly high school sex ed classes. I feel that I and many of my friends would be far more careful had we known. Thanks for reducing my anxiety, you’re an amazing company!

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 Used on 16th December 2015

Thank you so much for your feedback. We are absolutely passionate about education around HIV and sexual health generally and are doing all we can to drive this forwards. Consequently we have just launched which aims to generate and normalise conversation and help end the taboo and stigma associated with HIV and STI's. We believe everybody has the right to make their own choices, which are right for them, but they must be based on facts. Education will help empower people to take responsibility for their sexual health.

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