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My HIV Test

Hi I just tested using a HIV at home but I didn’t follow instructions. Instead of using liquid, I used water to make the blood run and it came back with a light pink color in T and C dark. So what does it mean?

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 Used on 04th June 2019

Dear Took, from your post it doesn't sounds as if you have used a BioSURE HIV Self Test? Our test will only give you a result when you have performed your test correctly, but other unregulated HIV self-tests give a result by running with any liquid as they do not have an inbuilt sample control line - which makes them highly likely to give incorrect and false results. Without seeing your test result it is difficult to comment, however if you have received two lines (T for test line and C for control line) it would indicate a positive test result so we strongly recommend you go to a healthcare facility and ask for them to test you again. I hope that helps. Team BioSure

 Used on 04th June 2019

Hi Owen, I'm afraid your comments are completely incorrect. The BioSURE HIV Self Test looks for antibodies specific to HIV not just general antibodies. The only way you can have antibodies to HIV is have the HIV virus in your body. Of course you can contract HIV without ever having sex as there are other transmission routes, but you are incorrect in saying that HIV is nothing. If it is left untreated then over a period of time, the virus damages your immune system to such an extent that your body cannot fight off other infections and things like cancers - this is when it is called AIDS. Also during this time without treatment, you could be transmitting the virus to others. HIV is now treatable though so the very important thing is knowing your status, so that if you do have HIV you can get onto treatment as soon as possible and live a long and healthy life. I hope that helps explain things. Team BioSure.

 None on 03rd June 2019

Yeah because the test is fake. It doesn’t test for HIV. It tests for antibodies which even someone who has never had sex can have. All in all HIV is nothing and you don’t need to get tested as it can’t harm you as i said even a healthy kid or even a baby can have those antibodies. **NOTE FROM PEBL FEEDBACK.** We need to flag this post with an advisory warning.  The post contains opinions that are NOT supported or shared by scientific experts on HIV or by doctors or by other healthcare workers who work in the areas of AIDS care and HIV prevention.

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