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womb cancer - I felt right from the start that symptoms were taken seriously

I was diagnosed with womb cancer just over 2 years ago. I felt right from the start with my GP that my unusual bleed after the menopause was being taken very seriously.
Investigations moved quickly and my actual diagnosis was delivered to me (although alone in clinic) with as much support and sensitivity as I could have wished for.

My surgery and follow up has been excellent. Often feel now that I am wasting the time of medical staff with no further sign of the cancer having had the lowest grade and stage.

I found the MRI scan was difficult to handle (the day after diagnosis) and the clinical and coldness of the situation calls for staff who at least appear supportive even though they are unable to be in the room with you. Something does need to be done about noise and distraction would help ( even though you have to lie still).

I found MacMillan in all it’s forms a great help throughout my cancer journey. The recommendation to use my local Maggies in Nottingham too was invaluable as was information to join NottGOSH, our gynae cancer support group.

I found the clinical and nursing staff almost without exception to have been wonderfully supportive and helpful, especially at a time when our NHS is under such a burden and heavily criticised. I think we had Florence Nightingale reincarnated on our ward! I was the only one who was not in a rush to get home and I went first after only one night in … I did have keyhole hysterectomy and I drank lots if water!!

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