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Prostate Cancer diagnosis/treatment

I was transferred from Hexham General Hospital to the Freeman Newcastle in June 2011 as I had urine retention. I had been fitted with a catheter before being sent to the Freeman. At the Freeman I was given aDRE and admitted. The next day, a consultant examined me again and said “I’m 99% sure it’s cancer” – what a way to be informed! My world fell apart – it was just like the Macmillan advert, where you don’t hear anything after that sentence. I was kept in until the Tuesday (this was the Sunday), awaiting a biopsy. At 1630 on the Tuesday despite promises I would have the biopsy that day I left. (with catheter and tap!). Eventually I attended Carlisle Infirmary in January 2012 and was examined by the urologist, who booked me in to have a biopsy the next morning (a Saturday). Three weeks later after MRI and bone scan I was advised it was T3, Gleeson 4+5, psa 29.9. I was put on HT to be followed by 37 sessions of RT. I delayed the RT until that September when I attended the Freeman again, instead of Carlisle, the only reason being my daughter lived nearby. I found the attitude of the staff very second rate. I came off the HT immediately the RT finished by own choice due to the side effects affecting my quality of life. This was against medical advice as the hospital said I should stay on for 2 1/2 years. Since then my psa has gradually dropped down to a level of 1.6! I currently see a¬†urologist at Hexham General Hospital as I work in Hexham. I would say that my treatment at both Carlisle and Hexham has been excellent, caring, thoughtful staff, but the Freeman seems to treat you as a number not an individual. I hope I never have to use that hospital again!

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